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About RoRvsWild

Back in the days, in another life, we were working in a comfortably funded music hosting startup. We had to deal with unfrequent massive traffic spikes when some hot singles were released. Performances and reliability were essential. We were using NewRelic monitoring tool and had more than the information we needed to improve the quality of our app. It was super expensive, super complicated, and pretty much overkill, but we didn't really care and were happy to play with the rich kids' toys. There wasn't much any other choice. The startup eventually managed to burn all investors money.

We came back to reality and started Base Secrète, a small web product design and development studio specialized in Ruby on Rails applications.
We launched a few Rails apps for our clients and ourselves.
One of our projects, disco.io started being particularly complex, with millions of background jobs to process. Performances became problematic. There was little to none hope to earn a cent from this side project, and overpriced NewRelic wasn't an option.

We wanted to deliver quality apps. Speed and reliability are requirements. We had limited resources and time. We investigated, tried different tools, spent a lot of time on it, to realize nothing was really fitting our needs.

We started to build this tool and use it on all our projects. We now have a product that helps us quicky respond to an issue, find out what to optimize and the line in our code responsible for an error or bottleneck. It's simpler, and more efficient for us, than any other solution available. It saves us a lot of time improving the quality of our apps.

We thought there might be other Rails developers with similar needs, and we launched RoRvsWild.

We're super excited some of you are starting to use it every day like we do. We now simply want to make it the best Ruby on Rails monitoring tool.

Alexis & Antoine